In honor of the new site going live (still have to go and update external sites to start pointing here) I also have some new weaves of the ChainTab variety, but blended with some new elements.   First a new chain! (16-ChainTab) There’s a also a new style ChainTab Sheet – which is similar to more »

Soda Can Chain Mail is the use of Soda Can Tabs (pop-tops) to make chains and chainmail. I’ve broken these down into various categories (TabMail, TabScale, ChainTab, PopScale, and Specialty to signify the diverse styles and ways you can make armor from soda can tabs, and rings. See the About or History page for more more »

I’ve now moved the main content relating to tabs to this site Eventually my Giraffes site will become a hub – if I’m honest it’s just become too weird to have some things on my personal site, and other stuff on external site, so look forward to some restructuring. In Tabmail news I’ll have more »