Man NYCC was a blast, and I am totally raring to go next year making it even bigger and better.



The Good:

  • Aside from some small repairs and a plate mail section coming off it’s rivets the new armor worked quite well. There are certainly some improvements I need to make of course.
  • I’m glad my costume trunk was able to contain the full armor set it made transport so much easier.
  • I’d forgotten how much I enjoy people doing the double take, or the amazement in a kids eye when they see the armor.
  • Great booths, great people, great atmosphere the con was a blitzkrieg, and though I was on the floor all day I know there was a bunch I missed in the details, including things like panels and such.
  • I was able to get myself out of the armor without damaging it which is a success in my book despite how undignified I looked while doing so.
  • I met more than a few people who knew someone doing similar work and was able to direct them to this site, and I even met a Wonder Woman cosplayer using tabistry for the chest piece!


The Bad:

  • The ride home took double the amount of time, nearly an hour to go 5 miles getting out of New York, this was my view for a long time.
  • I had a shoulder piece of plate mail where the 3 rivets in the middle tore through the cans. It seems the grommets held too well and caused tension. At about 4 I had to have a fellow congoer help me get the piece off.
  • broken
  • As you can see above the main armor piece stuck out too far – this limited my mobility in certain methods (while overall it’s more moveable I couldn’t scratch my nose), but it also caused some wear over the course of the 8 hours and I needed to do some minor repairs.


The Ugly:

  • In short the ugly was every time I tried to gracefully get a drink of water from a fountain shorter than me. Also I was after some time able to find a chair I could sit in and decided to grab a picture of myself.
  • selfie


Overall though it was great and I’ll be adding pictures to the gallery page. If you were at the con and you have some pictures of me to add, hit me up at or PopTopPaladin on Imgur. Oh right I joined Imgur and felt I should give a glimpse of the scale of my collection of tabs and pieces so enjoy.